conocimiento – Bañador de lamé dorado, / Papá asmático muerto. / Lo siento Luke, ella es tu hermana.

Gold Lamé swimsuit,
Asthmatic dad's dead.
Sorry Luke, she's your sister.

Guerra de las Galaxias

Plagued by movie curse,
Odd-numbered installments bad.
Is Vger God? No.

Star Trek

Strangely therapist
Doesn't know he's dead.
The kind of thing you'd notice.

Sexto sentido

Extremely cheap Snape
Robs Nakatomi Plaza.
Bruce in vest and socks.

Muere duro

You should always choose
The lesser of two weevils.

Maestro y comandante

Rainy and muddy.
But you can't live on millet.
The farmers have won.

Siete Samurai (gracias Zfrisch)

Theme park power fail
Destruction ensues
As large T. Rex runs amok.

Parque jurásico

Theme park power fail
Destruction ensues
As Yul Brynner runs amok.

mundo occidental

Short-arsed Scientologist,
Confidence crisis.
The pattern is full.

arma superior

We deal in lead, friend.
We're in the same business, eh?
Farmers win again.

Los siete magníficos

Nuke it from orbit.
Get away from her, you bitch!


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